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4 panels, 20 x 80 cm each, photographs taken between 2001 and 2007

Photography has been a long established passion of Norbert F. Attard. It then may seem surprising to some that, bar recent years, it was not often that one would come across a piece by the artist which made use of photographic imagery as a medium in its own right. Indeed, one may say that the artist was rather shy of this medium, calling upon it more often than not as a purely technical tool to be used to supplement the process required of other forms of expression. As a deliberately directed montage of various photographic images into four distinct vertical elements, High and Low is therefore not only interesting as an expression in itself, but Reflecting Attard's recognition of the medium, it also aptly proposes itself in relation to the artist's personal journey and artistic portfolio. Indeed, talking to Norbert about this piece reveals that it is not only very close at heart but it is the result of a long-played admission of his own abilities and a genuine coming-to-terms with his personal growth as a multi-talented contemporary Maltese artist.

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