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Inventory of the Intimate, 60 Photographs taken in Taipei, Taiwan, 2004 Billboard Art Project 60 images incorporating text: Inventory of the intimate, Atlanta, Georgia, USA., 2012

The main aim is to explore how value is socially constructed through the community’s selection of objects, places, people, memories, thoughts, etc., that are important to them as individuals. Through the cataloguing of these ‘items’ the artist should like to produce a sort of archaeology of the present, so that future generations could look back and see how value was constructed, and thus obtain insights into the emotional worlds of their forefathers. All individuals have items that are important and precious to them. However, their value is not necessarily reflected in their monetary value; indeed in modst cases these ‘items’ may be “valueless” socially, but extremely potent and valuable to the people concerned. And their value in the minds of individuals is a product of the links or associations that these have with other individuals, with the past, with their experiences, and perhaps other factors as well. The artist’s aim is therefore to produce a type of inventory of emotional in- timacy. What has been selected will be of deep significance to them. So will the narratives that they offer to explain their importance to them.

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