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Located in Valletta's lower east end, away from the bustling city centre, Valletta Contemporary (VC) is an independent exhibition space and art gallery run by the META Foundation, that opened its doors to the public in April 2018. Housed within a 400-year-old former warehouse, Valletta Contemporary is an innovative project for the Maltese contemporary art scene, seamlessly blending modern exhibition 

spaces with the building's original aesthetic character.


Valletta Contemporary showcases the work of influential local and international contemporary artists through a dynamic temporary exhibition program that runs throughout the year. In collaborating with other local and international organisations and collectors, VC also runs regular outreach programs, as well as diverse educational and knowledge-sharing initiatives aimed at establishing a meaningful connection between the local community and contemporary art.


VC also houses a gallery shop, through which it further promotes the appreciation and enjoyment of contemporary art and design. 

The retail space is designed to support VC's mission and the work of selected Maltese and international emerging artists and designers.

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