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Interactive Sculpture Installation
Aluminium sheets, pop rivets, three aluminium ventilators, stainless steel cables.

Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus – Denmark
in association with the City of Aarhus and ARoS Aarhus Art Museum under the patronage of The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark

This is an interactive work. People of any height are able to enter into the internal space of any of the three pipes through the 40cm vertical opening. Once inside, the sensation of the wind will be experienced through the flow of wind currents created by a continuous cycle of ventilation. A turbine ventilator needs no electrical power. It is wind driven and is assured 24 x 7 ventilation at zero operating cost. A slightest wind draft induces outward airflow by centrifugal force. This results in negative pressure inside the 75cm diameter pipe. Fresh ambient air from outside rushes in to maintain equilibrium. Each pipe is assembled with pop rivets, consisting of a series of aluminium pipes , each section of 90cm height. Three turbine ventilators are each fixed to three aluminium assembled pipes. The three pipes have different heights. A section of each pipe (40cm wide opening) is removed to make way for a door. The 3 pipes placed vertical and forming a triangle, are fixed and secured to the ground by stainless steel cables.

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