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45 Colours painted on doors and windows, LED lighting Commissioned by Turner Contemporary, U.K.
Curated by Miria Swain
Margate Pier, Margate, UK. 2007

In colour, Attard’s intervention was to have a long lasting effect. He chose as his site the Stone Pier which is a key structure on Margate’s seafront. No longer used as a busy thorough fare for people and boats, Attard decided to paint the wooden doors an array of different colours to draw attention to the structure and to encourage the use of this space. The striking palette of colours was selected by studying Turner’s works. For the opening of this piece, Attard created a wonderful light installation for one evening. This animated the pier and started to get local residents to see the town in a different way, and to understand the impact that artists could have on regeneration. The majority of Attard’s piece remained in situ for a long period of time and was critical in changing perceptions about the gallery. The intervention made an impression on local residents and persuaded many that the gallery, and artists, could and should play a role in Margate’s future. Attard’s sensitive approach to the commission ensured that the Stone Pier was refreshed making it once again a feature of the urban environment. The work encouraged investigation and the colours carried across the bay creating a much more upbeat tone to this area of the town. The intervention was relatively modest and appeared effortless but in reality it required intense study of the locality and Turner’s work. Attard was thoughtful and considered in his approach. He took on board that some individuals in the town were not supportive of the gallery and through his positive approach to this work he changed the minds of many.

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