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Coordinated by Gilbert Calleja

Curated by Lisa Gwen Baldacchino

A visual arts project featuring Caesar Attard, Norbert Francis Attard, Simon Bartolo, Emanuel Bonnici, Austin Camilleri, Glen Calleja, Ryan Falzon, Luka Galea, Adrian Gauci, Roxanne Gatt, Caldon Marcieca, Sue Mifsud, Matthew Attard Navarro, Nadine Noko, Alexandra Pace, Pierre Portelli, Phil Sayers, Sarah Maria Scicluna, Ritty Tacsum, Robert Zahra

St. James Cavalier Centre for creativity, Valletta, Malta.


We enact our notions of what we think a man or a woman should be with little cognizance of our complicity in a process driven by socio-cultural norms unseen but nonetheless there. Specific clothing, colors, walking styles, gestures and vocal ranges construct a dualistic reality in which we participate within and forge a specific sexual and gender identities that heeds a spectrum of maleness and femaleness. Yet, what does it mean to inhabit a liminal space in which one’s gender or sexual identity is located somewhere in the middle, along the spectrum of maleness and femaleness? This work of Norbert Francis Attard seeks to address this quandary in approaching this very question. He has sought to blur the lines between what a male or female could be, not just within the realm of people, but within the chosen objects as well. In a series of scuptural works, Attard explores the relationships between maleness and femaleness, carving out an in-between space through which the viewer can inhabitant and question for themselves their own identity.

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