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Twelve colours of emulsion paint.
Organised by Relative Media, Harrogte, England.
In collaboration with Urban Splash, Liverpool, England. Curated by Paul Gilby.
Lister’s Mills, Bradford, England, 2003

The derelict textile factory known as Manningham Mills in Bradford, was once the worlds leading producer of velvet cloth. Occupying some 100,000 square metres and employing over 11,000 men, women and children at its height, this massive building is today an empty decaying skeleton. Its important role as part of the Victorian industrial revolution, its pioneering manufacturing techniques and its use of an immigrant work force are all but forgotten. Given free scope to use the building, Norbert Francis Attard produced a simple yet powerful work called Intervention. Drawing on his knowledge of the multi-ethic community of Bradford and the function of the mill, Attard demonstrates his ability to re-interpret a space through the economically transformation of the original architectural form. Namely, to paint the columns supporting the roof of a weaving room thereby animating the surface and bringing movement into the dormant space. The colours representing not just the multitude of threads once produced at Manningham but also being a metaphor of the multi-ethnic races that were once the workers in the factory. The resulting multi-coloured curtain brings a new dynamic into the space linking the past with the present and thereby creating a duality of meaning.

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