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In collaboration with John Fuller.
7 sculptures of 9mm. Marine plywood, stainless steel wire, glue, screws
Olympic Games of the Visual Arts, Organised by Artiade Foundation, Berlin, Germany. Curated by Tereza de Arruda.
19 Petru Ralli Street, Athens, Greece, 2004.

A Bit of Boat includes seven boats, smooth as the joy of a Brancusi sculpture, lined up for a race in that uncanny sea which divides the sculptural from the functional, the aesthetic from the chatter of the everyday world, the object from any shadow it may cast. Thus, this boat’s dovetail joints and squares are a reminder of eavesdropping windows and the architectural lines of modern urbanism; the other one’s surface is a falling leaf; that boat’s flow rhymes the elliptical eye painted on the sides of Maltese traditional fishing boats, the other one’s wooden ribs celebrate Phlebas the Phoenician’s sensual death by water. A Bit of Boat also blurs the boundaries between the strange and the familiar, the present and the past. Thus, water is no longer an abstract layer which supports but also a medium and a channel for movement and transportation. The Mediterranean is returned to its former glory as a source of light and dark, sanctity and sin, war and peace, the oikos, that desire for a return home, and the voyage away from home, a contrast upon which the Odyssey, that archetypal voyage, is based upon. The boats recall the part they played in the rise and fall of civilisations, their essential presence in the metaphor of the voyage as well as their ageless race against wind, waves and time.

Boats_athens01b .jpg
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